Update (11:45 p.m. ET): Wrestleview.com was informed by WWE late Tuesday evening that this lawsuit has been dismissed.

Former WWE developmental wrestler Brian Jack, who went under the name Buck Wild, has filed a lawsuit against WWE, various executives, Anthony Carelli (Santino Marella), Elizabeth Kocanski (Beth Phoenix – whose involvement isn’t directly described), Dr. James Andrews and Shed Media (the production company that developed Tough Enough).

Jack, who filed the lawsuit in 11/30, is claiming “hazing, threats, sexual harassment” during his time in FCW under head trainer Steve Keirn. He also claims Keirn broke his “neck, pelvis, backbone, thumb” and left him with an injured right leg. The lawsuit also claims current WWE star Santino Marella attempted to get Jack to commit homeowner’s fraud and that WWE wanted him to get into a staged car wreck so their developmental insurance wouldn’t take a hit. Jack claims meetings with Dr. James Andrews over his injuries led to “bizare questions” and being checked for a wire. He added he is still being billed for his meetings with Andrews. As for Shed Media, he claims WWE used the company to “fraud him” into believing he would be on the cast of Tough Enough in order to get him to sign a contract that would release WWE of any and all liabilities.

Source: PWInsider.com