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Snitsky Named as One of WWE’s Top 100 Moments

(Philadelphia, PA) January 3 – Gene Snisky, who wrestled under the name Snitsky with WWE, has been included in the just released ‘WWE: Raw 100 – The Top 100 Moments in Raw History’.

Gene was a member of WWE from 2004 to 2008. His debut with WWE started a feud with Kane that had epic repercussions.

The ‘WWE: Raw 100 – The Top 100 Moments in Raw History’ is available on DVD now and can be purchased at Amazon.

“It’s an honor to have been chosen to be included in such a great set of moments from the WWE. As a kid, my dream was to be a WWE star and now I finally feel as though I’ve surpassed that dream!”

Gene started his career as a football player at the University of Missouri and then had a brief stint with the NFL’s San Diego Chargers before making the jump to professional wrestling full time in 2004.

After retiring from wrestling he’s been seen in several television and movie roles and is now a health and wellness expert helping people across the country.