JBL apologizes for mistake during commentary on Smackdown

JBL aka John Layfield has issued an apology via his official Facebook page where he talks about making a mistake on commentary during Smackdown last night.  Layfield noted he grouped in The Dudley’s and Hart Foundation as tag teams that could never branch out and be successful in singles careers.  Layfield added, “Bubba and Devon have been good friends for a long time and I have the utmost respect and love for them, if I had made the mistake on someone else-I would just chalk it up to live TV and not worry about it. But, these guys are good friends and with the Twitter police loving to correct me I thought I would just make it public and explain how it happened.”  To read his full apology, click here.

Randy Orton comments on rumors of his WWE status

WWE star Randy Orton sent out the following tweet commenting on rumors that he could be taking some time off from the company shortly.  Wrestleview.com never reported such rumor.