More details on WWE lawsuit against Solar Entertainment Corp.

Some new details have been revealed about the lawsuit WWE has filed against Solar Entertainment Corp. in the Philippines. The lawsuit, filed on 1/25, is in regards to the outlet as an international television partner with WWE. Both parties went into business back in October 2007 with the agreement expiring in March 2012. WWE claims Solar has failed to pay WWE what they are owed under separate agreements for WWE programming that would run on free TV, Pay Per View and a “2011 Deal Memo” for additional material that the two sides had been working on. WWE claims they are owed $960,105.92 and have yet to receive any of the money. They also noted they are owed an additional $21,601.92 in regards to the 2011 deal memo for a grand total of $981,707.84.

Breakdown of current WWE corporate structure

According to a report by Dave Meltzer, the current order of “major players” in WWE includes Vince McMahon (Chairman and CEO), Kevin Dunn (Executive Vice President, Television Production), George Barrios (CFO), Paul “Triple H” Levesque (Executive Vice President, Talent), Michael Luisi (President of WWE Studios, Executive Vice President, Business Development, General Counsel), Stephanie McMahon (Executive Vice President, Create) and Michelle Wilson (Chief Marketing Officer). For salary estimates in 2012, Vince McMahon is listed at $1.1 million, Barrios at $575,000, Dunn at $800,000, Triple H at $500,000 and Wilson at $575,000.
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