Brett sent this report in:

Thought you’d appreciate some live notes from Raw in Sheffield.

I was 5th row ringside near the announcers desk and was pretty much at the barriers all night. Security were good with people and just moved us politely back to seats during matches. The referees were quite friendly all night.

They taped 2 matches before Raw.

Primo defeated Chris Masters with a cross body from the top rope. Not sure if this was on Superstars or not, because there was no announce team. Cole and King came out after.

Ted Dibiase vs MVP was the next match taped. Henry and Rhodes in their respective corners. MVP wins with a rollup.

Ricky Hatton is out to a monster pop to start the show. DX Outdid it with their crowd reaction though. They were selling the DX Glowsticks for ?7 at the merch stalls.

They played several Wrestlemania hype videos. Including a very good Austin one which got a great reaction.

The UK guy who was un-announced against Sheamus was called David Deville.

The crowd were mostly Anti-Cena all night.

One funny thing they managed to cleverly edit out, in the VIP Lounge when Mark Henry was intro’ing Kofi Kingston, he actually said *Smackdown team* first, before being corrected by MVP and saying Survivor Series team…

Seeing Taker was unexpected and the crowd went nuts for it.

After the main event on TV, Orton came back out and the advertised 6 man with Legacy vs DX and Cena turned into Jerishow and Orton vs DX and Cena. Eventually Orton ate all 3 finishers from the faces after trying to make peace with them and even wearing a pair of DX Glowsticks (which went down very well)

DX + Hatton by far got the biggest reactions of the night.

Am back there tonight for Smackdown/ECW so will send you some notes tomorrow!

My pictures from the show can be found here :

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