In regards to WWE running into issues with the company’s official app crashing during RAW on Monday night, it was indeed legitimate and overloaded with too many votes. When WWE had booked the angle for the show the impression was that Randy Orton would win when stacked up against Rey Mysterio and the returning Chris Jericho. Mysterio vs. Daniel Bryan was always the plan and WWE instead prepared back ups for Orton and Jericho.

Jericho vs. Wade Barrett was originally booked with Jericho going over and CM Punk vs. Orton was originally booked with Punk going over. When Jericho ended up getting 57% of the vote, he had already worked out a match with Barrett and was then told as the show was live that he would be working with Punk instead. Jericho and Punk were then given a short amount of time to get a match put together.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter