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I Need Protection from My
Drunk Glass-Wielding Wife!!

Ric Flair’s estranged wife Jackie is a vicious alcoholic who has physically beaten him several times — once even assaulting him with a glass object — so says Ric, and now he’s asking a judge for a protective order.

Ric filed docs in response to his wife’s legal separation papers — calling Jackie “cruel” and “barbarous,” and claiming she has endangered his life in drunken fits of rage … multiple times throughout their marriage.

In the docs, Ric says Jackie went after him — back in February 2010 — with a glass object and “shattered it over his forehead, cutting him severely, and requiring medical attention.”

Ric also claims Jackie — his 4th wife — was once arrested for DUI with a blood alcohol level of .22 … nearly three times the legal limit.

Even though they’ve been separated since December … Ric says he’s still terrified of his estranged wife, and is now asking the court for a domestic violence protective order.

He also wants to void a separation agreement he signed in October — in which he promised to pay Jackie tens of thousands of dollars.

Ric claims Jackie’s badmouthing — she called him a cheating scumbag — cost him lucrative performance and endorsement contracts, and now it’s impossible for him to make the payments.

We reached out to Jackie … who tells us, the allegations are 100% false. And says Rick is using them as cheap trick to “avoid paying her the money to which she is entitled.”