14news.com is featuring an interview with WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler where he talks about his recovery from his heart attack last September and having to change his health after the scare.

“I miss it, I miss it so bad. I never worked out. Never ever went to the gym or worked out a day in my life. For Christmas, my girlfriend, Lauryn, and I got bikes, bicycles, so we started just the other day. The one thing I’ve not done since the heart attack is get back into the ring and wrestle. And, Lauryn says that I’ve been, the one thing that’s different about me since the heart attack, she says, ‘You’re depressed.  You’re going through depression.’  Which I don’t feel it. I don’t think it. But, yeah, I certainly do miss the wrestling and I do want to go back and do it some more.”

The article notes that Lawler is waiting to get clearance from WWE doctors to officially make a return to the ring, but can’t risk getting cut right now as he is taking blood thinners.

Source: 14news.com