Jim Ross has posted a new blog over on his official website giving another update on his health and thoughts on Todd Grisham and Matt Striker on commentary for Smackdown.

“My headaches are lessening in frequency but issues w/ my right eye persists and my tongue is still numb. Bells palsy just takes time and patience to heal. I’m not long on the patience aspect of that formula. Watching me eat hot soup is, admittedly, entertaining.

Grisham and Striker are beginning to mesh as a solid broadcast duo and their efforts will continue to be a work in progress which is to be expected. I like their potential. Their progress may see yours truly assume another role TBD upon my return which works for me. I feel that I’m fortune to be able to help the team in a variety of ways. All of that is up in the air and is pure speculation until I’ve been medically cleared. Maybe there is a there man booth in my future especially on selected PPV’s. Who knows but I for one am not concerned. Just anxious to get back in the game.”

To read the full blog, click here.

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