JBL issues blog on his recent mountain climb of Mt. Death

John Layfield aka WWE’s JBL issued a blog on his website The Layfield Report talking about his recent climb of Aconcagua aka Mt. Death. Layfield revealed on Twitter that he was unable to complete the climb due to bad weather.

“The whole cause of this is to raise money for great young people I work with-you can learn more at www.SevenSummitsforKids.com and because of WWE 100% of money raised goes to these wonderful young people. I can’t wait to get back to Bermuda to see them all!!!

We teach our kids that life is about trying and trying again and never giving up. I almost made it this year, next year I will. I am already planning on coming back and planting a WWE flag on the summit.

As far now? I’m in Argentina and soon heading back the the US to get on the Road to Wrestlemania! And to torture Michael Cole some more. BTW, he snuck his doll (I have an action figure, his is a doll) in my briefcase and I was planning on sacrificing it on the top of the mountain, but since I didn’t make it I have to think up another horrible fate for it.

Also, just took my first real shower in 2 weeks and laid down in my first bed-simple things right now are really cool!”

To view the full blog entry, click here.

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