Sammartino on Hall of Fame, Del Rio on working babyface

Bruno Sammartino talks WWE Hall of Fame this Saturday

The Associated Press is featuring an interview with Class of 2013 WWE Hall of Fame inductee Bruno Sammartino talking about the ceremony this Saturday at Madison Square Garden. Sammartino addresses his 25 year long issue with Vince McMahon noting the two will finally interact this weekend adding, “We will talk privately, face to face, in Madison Square Garden, but not until then. It’s better face to face, eye to eye. So we can discuss whatever needs to be discussed.”

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Alberto Del Rio on the transition on becoming babyface

Fox News Latino is featuring an interview with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio who talks about the transition from heel to babyface in WWE. Del Rio added, “I was having a blast being the bad guy of the movie, but I’m also having fun being the baby face, the good guy. At this point in time [the fans] prefer us being a good guy.”

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