The following took place on Tuesday in Providence, R.I.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Tapings for November 6, 2009:

– The show opened with The Undertaker cutting a promo about Survivor Series. Chris Jericho walked out and talked about how it took 10 years before they crossed paths. They started to brawl with Undertaker getting the better of it.

– Dolph Ziggler & The Hart Dynasty def. WWE Intercontinental Champion John Morrison & Cryme Tyme.

– Josh Mathews has a sitdown interview with Rey Mysterio.

– Beth Phoenix def. a local women’s wrestler.

– Drew McIntyre def. Jimmy Wang Yang.

– Josh Mathews conducted an interview with Batista backstage.

– Rey Mysterio def. Mike Knox.

– R-Truth def. CM Punk.

– Matt Hardy def. Batista via DQ.

Post-Taping Bonus Match: WWE World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker def. CM Punk.


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