Where are they now with Bart Gunn, R-Truth interview

WWE.com Where Are They Now with Bart Gunn

A new “Where Are They Now?” article has been posted on WWE.com with Bart Gunn, real name Mike Polchlopek. Polchlopek talks at length about his tag team career with Billy Gunn and his involvement with the “Brawl For All” tournament including his infamous fight with Buetterbean at Wrestlemania 15 where he was brutally knocked out.

Gunn added, “He had 60 or 70 fights. That was my first as a boxer. I was very green. Looking back on it now, I should have done things a little bit differently.”

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R-Truth talks about getting into the wrestling business

The National is featuring an interview with WWE star R-Truth where he talks about getting into the wrestling business. Truth added, “

I’d grown up loving wrestling, watching guys like Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair and Junkyard Dog. I was always imitating these guys in my living room. I originally wanted to be a rapper and musician. But a guy called Jackie Crockett, who was a senior cameraman for WWE, saw me and convinced me I had a lot more talent than this. He said: ‘You do music, you rap and dance, and you love wrestling. You … have all this athletic ability. I think you’d be a great, great wrestler.’ For once in my life, I actually listened to this guy and the rest is history.”

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