Bret’s kids at RAW, Lance Storm at RAW, Drunk fan

Lance Storm at RAW

Lance Storm was backstage at RAW last night visiting friends and of course was there for Bret Hart. He also came out with the rest of the WWE roster to applaud Bret after the show. [Credit: Mike Johnson @ PWInsider]

Drunk Fan at WWE RAW

For some of you who noticed something strange going on in the crowd during the Cena vs. Curtis Axel match last night, there was apparently a drunk fan, which led to security escorting him out. [Credit: Mike Johnson @ PWInsider]

Bret Hart’s kids on WWE RAW

There was a couple of crowd shots of Bret Hart’s kids during RAW. You can see his daughters crying during the emotional speech he was giving. As reported, has the full video online, his kids can be seen at 10:17 and 10:29. The video can be found here .