Sean Waltman on why TNA isn’t “must see” television

Kenny McIntosh passed this recap along.

Sean Waltman joined Inside The Ropes this past Thursday to promote the Viva L.A Lucha Kickstarter campaign ( here are the highlights:

On him being pushed big when he came into the WWF in 1998, compared to guys now:

OK they were pushing me but this is what I don’t understand. There’s some guys now who are getting their opportunities and doing a lot with them, but you can’t push something that doesn’t propel itself. Sometimes you’re limited to what you are talent wise. My angle was really unique when I came in. Usually a guy would come in with vignettes and then win some squash matches and get over that way. They seemed to have a well thought out plan for me. Plus the angle with Razor and I was the first storyline they ran on RAW so that was pretty cool.

On being told he’s working with Shane McMahon at WrestleMania XV:

I didn’t like it going in, I was expecting to have this big WrestleMania match. But back then If something wasn’t my idea, I didn’t like it, even if it was a good one. I was a bit of a spoiled brat at the time. I remember thinking I wanted to have a really good WrestleMania match but how was I gonna do that with somebody that’d never had a match before but I told Vince y’know, he listens to me and I’ll do it but it’s my way. And the agreement was he’d do the job *laughs* But the overall picture of why we did the finish of the match, you know Hunter turned on me and a lot of good things came out of that. My team with Kane came out of that, Hunter’s big first championship run kinda came from that. I thought Shane did an amazing job, he really did. He rented the St Paul Civic Center, it had this little building that held 3-4,000 people called the Roy Wilkins Auditorium, he rented that and had someone in Detroit drive a ring and set it up in this empty building, so I’d go there and work out a match with him for WrestleMania. I wasn’t going anywhere on my days off. I thought that was really going above and beyond, sending a ring to Detroit, Shane and I ended up being pretty tight.

If he watches TNA:

You know what I should, I really should, but I don’t. I don’t know why or what it is but it just doesn’t feel like must see TV to me.

Thoughts on going down to NXT:

From where it was a couple of years ago it’s so much better, so much better. I actually think quite often it’ the best thing on TV. Sometimes I think the best stuff comes off of that show. Triple H is working closely with that too.

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