Jim Ross has a new blog up on his official website talking about those in the wrestling business reaching out to him during his recovery from a third Bell’s Palsy attack.

“Got a wonderful text message from HBK that had me tearing on Friday. What a wonderful spirit and heart possessed by HBK who is arguably the greatest in ring performer currently active in the business. He is for my cash. The man Shawn Michaels has evolved into is a credit to his Faith and his family and would be great for young wrestlers to observe closely. Wrestlers, not unlike any other grouping of talented, insecure, and creative types need leadership on a consistent basis. That includes mentoring, hands on handling of issues and the honesty that it takes to build a sound, long term foundation that promotes individual growth which in turn helps build companies. Those that are in a position to manage significant aspects of the biz need to always remember that their most important assets are their talent and how talents are managed, developed and lead is going to determine the long term success of any company, wrestling or other wise.

Two of my goals in wrestling are to broadcast HBK and the Undertaker’s last bouts which I get the feeling will not be any time soon. There is no reason for either man to contemplate retirement while the money is huge, they can adequately manage their travel schedules and most importantly that they still love what they do. Obviously, their health overrides every thing but both men seem to be holding up well and can do more with less than the vast majority of their peers. As a matter of fact, most wrestlers try to get too much in their bouts which causes a disconnect with many fans because of the break neck pace where maneuvers and situations mean less and less.

The “Nature Boy” Ric Flair called me early Saturday morning from Vegas and I missed the darned call but will talk to “Naitch” later Saturday. We have a great deal of catching up to do as Ric has many irons in the fire and I’m anxious to hear his current game plan. Ric just sent my friend, OU head hoops coach Jeff Capel a cool, autographed photo that I’m hand delivering. Coach Capel grew up in the Carolinas, played point guard and graduated from Duke and became a “Flair Fan” as a teen. Jeff is a cool dude who is building an awesome basketball program at OU even with our man Blake Griffin going to the NBA early.

How cool is it to get communications from Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels within hours of each other with both just checking on how I’m doing? My friends are a true blessing and none of us should ever take our friendships for granted.

Oh, yeah on Thursday Roddy Piper reached out to me as well and I expect that we will talk soon. Love the “Hot Rod” who is still one of the most entertaining people that I know.”

You can read the rest of JR’s full blog at this link where he discusses his thoughts on Hulk Hogan signing with TNA and being on the outside looking in at the wrestling business.

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