WWE Main Event Results – 7/3/13 (Christian vs. Sandow)

WWE Main Event
July 3, 2013
Topeka, Kansas
Commentary Team: Josh Mathews & Cody Rhodes
Report by: Clinton Bowman of RadioInfluence.com

We open the show with Christian making his way to the ring for this week’s main event match! Damien Sandow quotes himself by saying “In the valley of the stupid, the half-wit is king.” He proclaims victory over Christian to end the “cavalcade of ignorance,” as he puts it.

Main Event
Exhibition Match
“Captain Charisma” Christian v. “The Intellectual Savior of the Masses” Damien Sandow

The bell rings for the match to begin, as Christian takes rear control, with Sandow getting to the ropes for the break. Christian and Sandow get tied up in the corner, as the ref breaks it up. Christian rallies the crowd, and both men vie for control, until Sandow gets the knockdown. Sandow mocks Christian and the crowd lets him know how they feel. Christian and Sandow continue to vie for control, with Christian maintaining control, rolling with shoulder blocks, until Sandow goes to the rope to prevent Christian from attacking. Sandow goes for the test of strength, trying to trick Christian into making a mistake, however Christian outwits Sandow by ducking the elbow and going for the sunset flip pin for two.

*Note: My computer & cable froze for a few moments, therefore I only saw the ending*

Winner via Killswitch: Christian

Up Next: Sin Cara v. Jack Swagger

*commercial break*

Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger come out and cut a promo against Sin Cara

Exhibition Match
Sin Cara v. Jack Swagger

The funky lighting comes down as Jack Swagger cold snuffs Sin Cara. Sin Cara let it sink in for a minute before laying in to Swagger, until Swagger just throws down on Sin Cara. Swagger is throwing Cara around like a rag doll, until Cara counters the belly to back. Sin Cara hits the springboard elbow on Swagger and goes for the baseball slide on Swagger on the outside, but he sidesteps and sends Cara into the barricade, lungs first. Swagger goes back in the ring, and the ref begins counting Cara out, however Cara makes it in by the count of 9.

*commercial break*

Swagger hits the Swagger Bomb on Sin Cara as Jack welcomes everyone to his America. Swagger goes for back control, as Sin Cara fights out and hits a crucifix pin, where Swagger kicks out at two and drops Sin Cara with a big boot. More rag dolling by Jack Swagger as Sin Cara comes out and makes a slight comeback, until Swagger drops him with the Gutwrench Bomb after the springboard pin and locks in the Ankle Lock.

Winner via Ankle Lock: Jack Swagger

*Wyatt Family Promo*

*commercial break*

*RVD Return Promo*

On Friday Night: CM Punk joins SmackDown for a Special Appearance.

*Mark Henry Career Retrospective: “John Cena…I’MMA BEAT YO ASS…THAT’S WHAT I DO!”

*commercial break*

Exhibition Match
Big E Langston w/AJ Lee v. Curt Hawkins

First off…HOLY $4!+…Curt Hawkins lives!

Big E Langston punks out Curt Hawkins completely, until Hawkins slaps him clear in the face. Hawkins jumps over Big E, and Langston knocks Hawkins down. Big E hits the bearhug, and Hawkins fights his way out until Langston hits the big body drop. Hawkins gets sent into the ring, but Hawkins kicks Big E in the chest. Big E Langston hits a big splash on Curt Hawkins and then we get ourselves a BIG ENDING!

Winner via the Big Ending: Big E. Langston


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