WWE NXT Results – 7/18/13 (Neville/Graves vs. Wyatt Family)

WWE NXT results 7/18/13

WWE NXT Results
July 18, 2013
Full Sail University
Commentators: Tom Phillips, William Regal
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

We see the usual intro, then we go to the opening match.

Triple Threat #1 Contenders Match: “The Big Game Hunter” Leo Kruger vs. “The Swiss Superman” Antonio Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn

Cesaro immediately goes after Zayn, shoves down Kruger. Zayn goes up and over, arm drags to both Cesaro and Kruger. Dropkick to Kruger, right hands to Cesaro. Cesaro comes back with knee strikes. Kruger sends Cesaro to the outside, hammerlock snap suplex to Zayn. Uppercut, followed by elbows to the head. Cesaro pulls Kruger to the outside, Zayn with a head of steam, flip dive connects taking out Kruger and Cesaro.


Back from commercial as Zayn works over Cesaro. “OLE” chants by the crowd. Series of forearms, Cesaro sent into the corner. Cesaro comes back with an uppercut. Zayn sent onto the apron, he heads up top, Cesaro catches him in mid-air off a crossbody, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, Kruger breaks up the pinfall. Kruger and Cesaro have words, Cesaro with an uppercut. Zayn rolls up Kruger, Cesaro breaks it up. Uppercut to Zayn, Zayn gets an elbow up off a charge. Kruger catches Zayn’s foot, hooks him for a capture suplex, Cesaro comes in from behind, German Suplexes Kruger while Kruger Capture Suplexes Zayn, sending Zayn all the way across the ring!! “That was awesome” chants by the crowd. Cesaro lifts up Kruger, side saltos him to the outside!! Cesaro Chinlock applied to Zayn, swings him around the ring! Cesaro calls for the Neutralizer, Kruger comes in, nails Cesaro with the Slice from behind! Kruger covers both Zayn and Cesaro, only get nearfalls. Cesaro stops a Kruger suplex, Zayn has both of them, DDT/Flatliner combo!!

Everyone gets to their feet, Zayn with right hands to both Kruger and Cesaro. Zayn sends Kruger into Cesaro, rolls up Kruger for a nearfall. Cesaro catapults Zayn into the air for Swiss Death, but Zayn turns it into a rana for a close nearfall!! Zayn sends Kruger to the outside, Cesaro nails Zayn with an uppercut. Neutralizer connects, but Kruger sends Cesaro to the outside.

Kruger covers Zayn and steals the victory.

Winner and #1 Contender to the NXT Title: “The Big Game Hunter” Leo Kruger by pinfall

Kruger celebrates his win as we go backstage.

Backstage, Corey Graves walks up to Adrian Neville, who is warming up for their match tonight. Graves says he wants to make it clear, he isn’t looking for a friend, he’s looking for a tag team partner. Personal feelings aside, I respect what you do in the ring. The NXT Tag Team Titles are bigger than any issues we might have. You have held the titles before, but its time I get my fix.


Sylvester LeFort comes out and says something in French. LeFort introduces a gentleman with so much talent that soon enough, gold will be around his waist and money will be in my pocket, Scott Dawson!

Scott Dawson w/Sylvester LeFort vs. NXT Champion Bo Dallas

Jockey for position in a lock-up, Dawson with a shoulder to the ribs. Right hand and a kick. Bo comes back with 2 dropkicks. Crossbody for a 1 count. Dawson goes to the apron, but fights back. Clothesline, followed by a snap leg drop, a knee drop and a front elbow drop for a nearfall. Dawson pulls at Bo’s face, then applies a chinlock. Commentary mentions Dawson’s influences of Dick Murdoch and Buzz Sawyer. Bo sidesteps a back drop, 2 flying forearms, gut shot, running boot to the head. Clothesline/bulldog combo and Bo is fired up.

Belly-to-Belly for the victory.

Winner: NXT Champion Bo Dallas by pinfall (Belly-to-Belly Suplex)

Bo celebrates his win with the yellow spotlight and steam pyro. All of a sudden, Leo Kruger runs out and attacks Bo. Flurry of right hands by Kruger. Kruger’s End connects and Kruger grabs the NXT Title belt. “Thank You Kruger” chants as he rubs his face against the belt, then drops it on Bo. Kruger leaves a fallen Bo in the ring as we go to commercial.


We see a vignette on the Ascension. Rick Victor says that this is the beginning, an awakening into the future of the Universe. The time has come for us to reduce your heroes to ashes. Conor O’Brian says that we are the Ascension and we…..will….rise….AGAIN!!

Before our next match, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair comes out and has a mic. Flair asks if he is actually in Orlando, Florida. Been coming here since 1978. Flair says he is happy to be here in NXT because he loves his business and respects the young kids today busting their butt to be in this business. Tonight is a special night because my daughter, Charlotte, is debuting tonight. I’m gonna be in her corner and she is gonna show why she is the greatest Flair athlete of all time. Flair then introduces his daughter, Charlotte and we go to our next match.

Charlotte w/WWE Hall of Famer “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs. Bayley

Charlotte lets out a “Wooo” as the bell sounds. Charlotte goes to work on the arm. Bayley counters out, Charlotte does a cartwheel, trips up Bayley, gains a 1 count. Bayley calls Charlotte “Nature Girl”. Go-behind by Charlotte, avoids a Bayley forearm, Charlotte’s Web for a nearfall. Bayley comes back, Jackknife pin, backslide and an Oklahoma Roll for a series of nearfalls. Flair takes off his jacket at ringside, wills on his daughter. Gut kick by Bayley, Exploder for a 1 count. Charlotte with her own version of a Flair Flip over the turnbuckles to the apron. Charlotte avoids a right hand, sends Bayley into the corner. Clothesline connects.

Charlotte charges, basement somersault Ace Crusher for the victory.

Winner: Charlotte by pinfall (Basement Somersault Ace Crusher)

Flair embraces his daughter afterwards, then both do stereo Flair struts as we go backstage.

Backstage, Tony Dawson is with Sheamus, who will compete on NXT next week. Sheamus begins to talk, but is attacked from behind by the Wyatt Family. Wyatt says that it only takes one stone to bring a giant to his knees. Follow the Buzzards!


We see a vignette for Tyler Breeze, a model who is coming to NXT. We don’t see Breeze’s face as he says we have to wait til next week to see it. Breeze is being pampered by many assistants as he says next week, NXT will witness….Gorgeous!!

Next week, its the finals of the NXT Women’s Title tournament to crown the first champion between Paige and Emma.

Main Event for the NXT Tag Team Titles: “The Man That Gravity Forgot” Adrian Neville & “The Savior of Misbehavior” Corey Graves vs. The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) (c’s) w/Bray Wyatt

Harper and Graves will start. Knee by Harper, Graves goes up and over, right hands to Harper. Figure Four Neck Lock, then Graves pulls Harper to the outside. Right hands, then back in, Neville tagged in. Neville uses Graves’ back as a springboard, front dropkick to Harper. Series of stomps, Harper comes back, shoulders to the ribs. Rowan in, headbutt to Neville. Blind tag by Graves, dropkicks Rowan while Rowan had caught Neville off a crossbody. Head and arm lock applied, Rowan gets out. Graves avoids a charge, Harper tagged in. Right hands to Harper, dragon screw leg whip connects. A second dragon screw, Rowan comes in to block Graves’s path, Neville takes out Rowan with a springboard dropkick. Rowan goes to the outside, Harper nails Graves with a big boot for a nearfall.


Back from commercial as Rowan has Graves in a neck vise. Rowan drives Graves into his corner, Harper tagged in. Chop, followed by an uppercut and a throat thrust. Rowan in, sends Harper into Graves. Harper sends Graves into a Rowan bearhug. Graves fights out, but Rowan with a back elbow for a nearfall. Knee to the face, Harper tagged in. Series of elbow drops for a nearfall. Hammer and chin lock applied. Graves fights out, Harper comes back with a dropkick!! Rowan in, leaping leg drop for a nearfall. Abdominal stretch with a facelock applied. Graves slips out of a slam, but Rowan prevents him from making a tag. Rowan gains another nearfall and is beginning to get frustrated. Headbutt, Harper back in. Graves knocks Rowan off the apron, gets a boot up off a charge. Graves charges, Harper catches him with the Truck Stop, but Graves kicks out!! Wyatt cannot believe it as Graves avoids a running big boot by Harper in the corner, sending Harper all the way to the outside.

Rowan and Neville tagged in. 2 flying forearms by Neville, avoids a charge, roundhouse kick from the apron. Neville avoids Harper on the outside, rana from the apron! Neville avoids another charge, Rowan goes to the outside. SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT TAKES OUT THE WYATT FAMILY!!! Back in, Neville goes to the middle rope, PHOENIX SPLASH to Rowan, but Harper breaks up the pinfall. Neville heads back up top, Harper has the referee, Wyatt leaves the rocking chair, crotches Neville on the turnbuckles. Rowan makes a cover, but Neville kicks out! All of a sudden, the music of Sheamus hits, he runs out and attacks Wyatt. Sheamus sends Wyatt into the steel steps, begins to cheer on Neville and Graves. Graves takes out Rowan with a front chopblock.

Neville heads up top, RED ARROW!! 1-2-3! NEW CHAMPS!!

Winners and NEW NXT Tag Team Champions: “The Man That Gravity Forgot” Adrian Neville & “The Savior of Misbehavior” Corey Graves by pinfall (The Red Arrow)

Sheamus celebrates with the new champions as we go to credits.