The Bella Twins on match getting cut from Wrestlemania 29

The “Busted Open” satellite radio show featured a recent interview with WWE Divas The Bella Twins where they talk about the debut of “Total Divas” tonight on E!. Both talk in detail about how the show will feature the footage of when they were given the news that the match they were involved in at Wrestlemania 28 was being cut.

Nikki: “Oh, that definitely hurt. And what’s great about tuning into Total Divas, especially cause I think it’s this Sunday that episode airs, is the cameras were still rolling. They have us walking to Gorilla, us getting cut, and walking out of Gorilla. They have it all on tape. They have our reactions, how we felt after. They have it all on tape and you’re gonna see it all on the episode.”

Brie: “And I think people at first were like, oh, was that for the Total Divas show? It’s like no. It absolutely wasn’t.”

Nikki: “That was one of the worst feelings ever to get.”

Brie: “Ready to go out and—”

Nikki: “Brie and I have our full top hats and veil and our gloves. We have full like—it was New York so we wanted a Frank Sinatra feel. Like New York, New York and we had our canes. The minute they told us it was cut the hat started to droop.”

Brie: “It was heart wrenching.”

Nikki: “It felt like doing the walk of shame.”

Brie: “But it was like really—you’ll see on us, it was really hard. It was really sad but we just hope you know maybe we make it up this year. We can have a revenge match in New Orleans.”