“Stone Cold” Steve Austin talks about a return to the ring

Variety is featuring an interview with WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin where he talks about the new WWE 2K14 video game and why returning to the ring isn’t a priority.

Austin added, “I’ve been gone 10, 11 years. If you had a cow and you had a branding iron and it was in a fire and you put that branding iron on a cow you leave your mark and that mark is there forever. It can’t be erased. That’s why they brand cows. So if wrestling was a cow, I branded it and that mark will never go away. In another 10 years, in another 20 years, that mark I left on the business will always be there. I’m very happy about what I was able to accomplish and I had a great time doing it.”

Austin also revealed that Ric Flair will be an upcoming guest on his podcast.

To check out the full interview with Austin, click here.

Air date revealed for new ABC Family movie from WWE Studios

The new WWE Studios produced movie “Christmas Bounty” for ABC Family will air premiere on 11/26 and will be released on DVD on 12/3. The movie stars Mike “The Miz” Mizanin.

[Source: PWInsider.com]