The Big Mosh of Monday Night Mayhem sent this in:


– Smackdown being announced by Todd Grisham and Matt Striker.

– Smackdown starts off with in ring promo with Teddy Long out comes Chris Jericho first followed by Kane separately saying they deserve to face The Undertaker at the Survivor Series for the World title. Long took away the Bragging Rights trophy from Y2J.

– Jericho vs. Kane tonight on Smackdown to determine the third contestant at the Survivor Series against Undertaker and The Big Show for the World title.

– Non-title: Dolph Ziggler def. John Morrison via count out

– Backstage vignette with Vince McMahon, Teddy Long, and CM Punk with Punk upset about getting passed over for the Survivor Series. It will be Punk vs. Scott Armstrong tonight.

– Beth Phoenix def. Gina Brooks (local jobber) in a squash match.

– Matt Hardy def. Eric Escobar with the twist of fate. Vickie Guerrero was dressed up as Princess Fiona from Shrek as her Halloween costume for the night.

– In ring promo with Batista and Rey Mysterio. Batista gave Mysterio his chance to explain himself. Mysterio invoked the name of Eddie Guerrero to which Batista replied “Eddies dead, and i’m not thinking about him or you .. i’m just thinking about myself.” Then Batista left Mysterio in the ring and walked to the back Matt Hardy and Batista had a backstage vignette with Hardy telling Batista to not make the same mistakes he did with Jeff then attacked Matt Hardy when he was walking away from him.

– Drew McIntrye vs. Finlay never started as McIntrye laid out Finlay as he was coming down to the ring laying him out on the ring steps. The refs checked on Finlay after getting attacked.

– Mickie James as Elektra won the Cryme Tyme Smackdown diva costume contest against Natalya who was dresses as a female Matador. Michelle McCool, who was dressed as a sexy devil and Layla who was dressed as Michael Jackson. McCool attacked Mickie after the match with a devastating kick.

– CM Punk def. Scott Armstrong with the GTS.

– Teaser for next week, Batista vs. Matt Hardy. Hardy vs. Batista might not be the main event but was announced for next week’s telecast.

– Chris Jericho def. Kane via the codebreaker to advance on to the Survivor Series triple threat world title match.

– After the Smackdown tapings concluded, The Undertaker defeated CM Punk via the tombstone piledriver to retain the World Heavyweight title in the post SD dark match.

Torre Pinkins also sent this report in:

Teddy long comes out and congratulates team smackdown on the win. He then announces that batista and rey will talk out there differences tonite. He then announces big show number 1 contender to the title. Jericho music hits and he comes down saying he should be #1 contender. BOOM! Kane comes out and confronts jericho. He states that he was co captain and should be #1 contender as well. Teddy announces there will be a triple threat match at survivor series. The third participant being the winner of jericho vs kane.

Next up is john morrison vs dolph ziggler aka nicky from the spirit squad. Dolph ziggler messes up his lines and says bragging point instead of bragging rights. He needs to stay off the mic. Did I mention that this ref is horrible? He’s in the ring on one knee doing the undertaker pose. A lot of back and forth action.
Winner by count out: dolph ziggler

Vince is in the back with teddy long and announces that cm punk will face referee scott armstrong.

Next up beth phoenix comes out to a loud pop. She grew up only 3 hours away from here. She wrestled some nobody from her hometown of elmira. You already know who won.

Vicki comes out yelling excuse me and introduces her boyfriend escobar. He is going to be fighting matt hardy. Hardy comes out to loud cheering.
Winner via pinfall matt hardy

Rey mysterio comes out tp the ring and grabs a mic. I start a lil what chant. He demands that batista come out. Batista comes out and rey wants to straighten things out. Dave tells rey to leave the ring and rey says no. He wants things straightened out. Dave tells rey he’s only thinking about himself and leaves the ring.

Up next is drew mcintyre vs finlay. The match doesn’t even start because drew attacks finlay on the apron. No contest.

Batista attacks matt hardy backstage.

Up next is the cryme time diva costume contest.
Rochester chooses mickie. All hell breaks loose and the divas fight. Up next is cm punk vs scott armstrong.

The match starts and punk slaps armstrong in the face. Armstrong gets some punches in but its not enough. One gts and its over. Kane and jericho next. Batista vs matt hardy is announced for next week.

Jericho vs kane ends with kane jumping off the top rope into a code breaker.

Triple threat match for survivor series: undertaker vs big show vs jericho

Overall I think this was a good smackdown. Tony chimel wanted to kill me however for talking trash.

Post taping dark match: cm punk vs undertaker
Undertaker wins via tombstone

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