Torre Pinkins sent this report in:

ECW on SyFy Tapings for October 27:

ECW promo hits and tony atlas introduces abraham washington. Abraham comes out to loud boos from the crowd. Abraham then introduces the gm of ecw, tiffany. Bunch of nonsense and random talking. Tiffany then states that shamus will fight shelton benjamin tonight. Regal then interrupts and demands an ecw title shot. He gets denied and that’s that.

Sheamus defeats shelton benjamin in his last ecw match.

Rosa mendes talks gregory helms ears off backstage. He is then appoached by burchil who wants helms to tell hurricane to meet him in the ring next week.

Ecw championship match def one of the better matches I’ve seen. Christian and yoshi have good ring chemistry. Christian wins via unprettier. Ezekial and kozlov run in and attack yoshi and christian. Regal taunts christian and poses over him with the ecw title.

The Big Mosh of Monday Night Mayhem sent this report in:


– Goldust def. Paul Burchill. (Might have been a dark match)

– Abe Washington show with Tiffany.

– Shemus def. Shelton Benjamin.

– Christian def. Yoshi Tatsu to retain the ECW title from the Unprettier. Beatdown from Regal and his henchman after the match laying Christian out and Regal stood over Christian with the title held high.

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