John Lockwood sent this report in:

I live about 3 and 1/2 hours from Pittsburgh, and attended last night’s Bragging Rights PPV. We arrived at Mellon Arena at about 5:30pm, and there where already large groups of people waiting at the gates. They didn’t open the doors until after 7pm, and a restless crowd cheered frantically as the doors where open.

We took our seats in the b12 section of the arena, and had a clear view of the ramp, ring, and a lot of the production view. The Smackdown ring announcer welcomed us to the show, and we where treated to a few promos for Xbox 360, WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2010, and the US Marines.

Just Roberts then came out to introduce the dark match between Paul Burchill and Christian for the ECW Championship. The arena was still half empty upon the announcement of the match. Paul received little to no reaction at all, and what he did receive was a chorus of boos. Christian came out to a very large pop, which was surprising as the arena was still half empty. Christian won, to again another large pop for the small audience.

As Justin Roberts announced the “less then 2 minute” mark before we go live to pay per view, almost all the seats in our section and the sections around us where filled.

The John Morrison/Miz match was awesome. Miz came out to a very loud chorus of boos and “you are awful” chants, with Morrison getting the louder pops; mostly from the females around our sections. But as the match ended, Miz actually received a pretty good reaction from the crowd.

The Diva match was ok. Nothing to amazing here, with a lot of people using it as a bathroom/food/drink break. Melina’s screaming is just as loud in the arena, as it is on TV. We were pretty far back from the ring, and hear her without any issues.

The few other things I find worth pointing out where during the higher end matches. During the Fatal 4 way match, The Undertaker received a huge pops with a standing ovation during his long walk to the ring. And every time Rey Mysterio was tossed outside the ring, a very large portion of the crowd cheered, with adding a “You use Roids” chant. Also, the Batista heel turn on Rey had a very mixed reaction, with some boos and a surprising large amount of cheers.

The Cena/Orton Iron Man match was absolutely boring. Period. The only thing that made this match interesting was the split crowd between the two stars. A very large course of boos for Cena, and a large course of cheers for Orton. The pyro portion of the match where Orton tried to set them off while Cena was on the ramp, was extremely loud, and had everyone standing on their feet. Once Cena had officially won the match, over half the arena was cleared out into the lobby portions.

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