10/13 WWE Results: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Nicholas Cannella passed along this report.

– The show kicked off with highlights from Raw last Monday and Tony Chimmel announced that Natalya and Naomi will face Brie Bella and Eva Marie and the fans get to vote via text if they want to see a Divas Tag Team Match or a Divas Dance Off.

(1) R-Truth & Tons of Funk (w/The Funkadactyls) defeated 3MB when Truth pinned McIntyre after the Whats Up.

– SILENCE! Damien Sandow came out and did his usual heel promo on the mic by saying he’s the Intellectual savior of the masses, the reigning MITB winner and next World Champion.

(2) Damien Sandow defeated Tyson Kidd with the Silencer.

– Natalya and Naomi (w/ Cameron) followed by The Bellas and Eva Marie came out to the ring. Tony Chimmel said that the votes are in and it will be a Divas Dance Off. Brie and Eva danced off to Dancing Queen. Natalya and Naomi danced to some club music then were attacked by Brie and Eva. Natalya grabbed the mic and said “you think you can out dance us well get back in the ring and see if you can out wrestle us”!

(3) Natalya & Naomi (w/Cameron) defeated Brie Bella & Eva Marie (w/Nikki Bella) when Natalya made Brie submit to the Sharpshooter.

– Chimmel introduced The Great Khali. Alberto Del Rio told Chimmel that he doesn’t want him to introduce himself because he sucks. So Del Rio claimed he has someone here ringside that will introduce him. He was a local interviewer/Ring announcer that goes to all the shows in Philly and introduced him“ From San Luis Potosi Mexico, he is a former 2 time WWE Champion, Former Money in the Bank winner, 2011 Royal Rumble winner and your current reigning and defending World Hvt. Champion, ALBERTOOOOO DEL RIOOOO!

(4) The Great Khali defeated World Hvt. Champion Alberto Del Rio via DQ when Del Rio used a chair. Del Rio went to hit Khali again with a chair but Khali countered and gave him a Big Chop to the head. Damien Sandow ran out and was ready to cash in his Money In The Bank Brief Case but Khali prevented it by hitting him with a Big Chop as well.

– Intermission. Chimmel announced Bob Backlund is doing a meet and greet at the Fan Booth. Still to come Later on tonight it will be The debut of the Wyatts in Philly as they take on The Prime Time Players and the final match will be Punk vs Axel.

(5) Zack Ryder defeated Big E. Langston with a Roll Up. Ryder finally wins a match again.

(6) Luke Harper & Erick Rowan (w/Bray Wyatt sitting in his rocking chair on the stage entrance) defeated The Prime Time Players when Harper pinned Titus after a Discus Clothesline.

– Paul Heyman cut a promo. Heyman said “Tonight here in Philly, you get to witness history, A 2 on 1 Handicap Match.” Heyman said “It is and honor to team with your reigning Intercontinental Hvt. Champion Curtis Axel against CM Punk.” “This won’t just be an ordinary match it will be a No Disqualification Match, So this means you get to see Punk do anything he wants to do, and that makes you happy?” “I know Philly is a Godless City but Axel told me about the 11th Commandment, Thou shall not chant CM PUNK!” This had the crowd chanting CM PUNK! Punk came out to a huge pop and grabbed the mic and said “A few months ago here in Philly (at the Money In The Bank PPV) Paul Heyman smashed a Ladder in my face and costed me 13 staples, tonight I’m going to put Axel to sleep and put Heyman out of his Misery!”

(7) CM Punk defeated WWE Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman in a No DQ 2 on 1 Handicap Match when Punk pinned Axel after the GTS. A Kendo stick and chair was used though out the match. Heyman was mainly outside the ring but came in twice and hit Punk with a Kendo stick, he went to hit him a 3rd time at the end but Punk kicked him, knocked down Axel and started beating Heyman with the Kendo Stick. Punk celebrated and greeted the fans to close the show.

– With a lot of the talent being overseas for the Raw House Shows, it was overall a good show and each Superstar put their effort into the matches. The attendance at the Wells Fargo Center wasn’t that good, there was probably about 2500 to 3000 on hand with the whole entire upper deck empty. The original card was advertised to be Punk vs Axel in a No DQ Match but that was changed into the Handicapped match involving Heyman last week. It was to be Del Rio vs Christian for the World Title but Christian was still taken off the shows this weekend again and was replaced by Khali last week as well.

Biggest Pops:

CM Punk by far
Prime Time Players
Wyatts as they made their entrance

Biggest Heat:

Heyman & Axel
Del Rio
Harper & Rowan
Big E.