Predictions from the Faculty Lounge
PPV: WWE Bragging Rights (October 25)
Written by: Anthony J. Valvo
Predictions by: staff and readers

Well, it is time for yet another PPV. Seriously?how many PPVs do we have to do in one month? Oh well, no complaints here as we wrap up the long month by predicting our third PPV for the month of October, which is going to be WWE Bragging Rights.

Now, we read that the theme is to brag about which brand is better, RAW or Smackdown? What better place to determine that than in Pittsburgh, PA! And you think Bragging Right only happens within the WWE, think again!

See the standings below? Well, based on predictions correct we have THREE Co-Deans of WrestleView this week. Joe Baiamonte has been a loyal Dean for our Faculty, holding sole possession of this title for the majority of the fiscal year (we started these picks in early-February). Well, the seat is hotter than Jim Zorn’s for the Washington Redskins right now. Josh Boutwell (his second time as co-dean) and Jose Marrero (his first) are currently tied with ninety victories as well. So, whichever three wins this round will be allowed to have Bragging Rights for yet another couple of weeks.

So, will we have a NEW Dean of Or will Joe Baiamonte overcome the odds and maintain his title? We will only find out after the PPV is completed!

Before we go on, here are the current standings as of TNA’s Bound for Glory

1) Joe Baiamonte (Baiamonte’s Casa)?????????……..90-59 (5-6)
2) Josh Boutwell (Viva La Raza and TNA Recapper)…???90-60 (6-5)
3) Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings)?????????..??90-60 (8-3)
4) David Stephens (That’s a Wrap and ECW Recapper)??86-64 (6-5)
5) WrestleView Students (The Loyal Readers)???????.86-64 (6-5)
6) Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V/ROH Recaps)?82-68 (8-3)
7) Josh Piedra (The Shoot)???????????????????80-50 (7-4)
8) Mike Siciliano (Pro’s From the Palace)???????………75-69 (4-7)**
9) Matt O?Brien (Notes From The Nosebleeds)???????.66-50 (0-0)
10) Chris Kelly (King of All Wrestling Media)?????????..63-37 (8-3)
11) Phil Chroniger (On Second Thought..)??????????..58-57 (4-7)
12) Doug Lackey (Reality From Ringside)???????????.57-58 (4-7)
13) Sean Hurley (The Sharpshooter)??????????????.48-36 (0-0)
14) Mike Tedesco (Smackdown and Superstars Recapper)?.28-18 (0-0)
15) Mike Klubnik (Stylin? and Profilin?)?????????????..20-14 (0-0)
16) Ryan Droste (Ask WV)?????????????????????.4-4 (0-0)

**For details picks for Mike Siciliano, please check out Pro’s From The Palace #347**

Absent (aka picks not given to me by time of the column being posted) are:

Mike Tedesco, Mike Klubnik, and Ryan Droste.

Though they are absent, I am sure one or two of them may post their picks a bit later.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, The Faculty is ready to present our Bragging Right picks.

Non Title Matches

6-Diva Tag Match
Team Raw: Melina, Kelly Kelly, and Gail Kim
Team Smackdown: Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix, and Natalya



Jose M. – RAW DIVAS reign supreme in this one.


Anthony V. – Well, I don?t think the city of Pittsburgh is going to lose in this one. But since I have to pick a winner, I am going to go with the SMACKDOWN DIVAS. Why? Not because of wrestling and such, but I am a big fan of McCool (a former educator I may add), Beth Phoenix (underrated in my opinion), and Natalya (probably the best pure wrestler in the Diva’s Division). Try and beat that Kelly Kelly?

Josh P. – Tough call here.. I’m going to go with the RAW DIVAS on this one.

Mike S. – TEAM SMACKDOWN wins the Diva’s match.




Doug L. – SMACKDOWN DIVAS via a quick look at the roster. Raw’s Diva’s Title has now truly become a ‘Diva’s Title’… every female on that side needs to eat a sandwich. With the grappling women on the other side, it’s time to bring some attention and make at least one women’s division relevant.

Sean H. – TEAM SMACKDOWN because I am in love with Beth Phoenix. Beth pins Kelly Kelly.

Consensus: Well, in a match that some Faculty members thought was a throw-in to what is coming their way later; we are going to pick the SMACKDOWN DIVAS. The result was not even close.


Non-Title Champion vs. Champion Match
John Morrison vs. The Miz



Jose M. – JOHN MORRISON stays on his colossal roll here.


Anthony V. – Gosh, I think this match is going to steal the show. I think Miz really needs to win this match, but instead of this I am going to go with the man that is ranked #2 in my Power Rankings, and that is JOHN MORRISON.

Josh P. – While Morrison is hot right now, I think this might be the time for The Miz to continue to grow. I’ll say our US Champion, THE MIZ.

Mike S. – I could see a no contest for Miz vs. Morrison. I’ll pick MORRISON for the official aspect.

Matt O. – THE MIZ.


Phil C. – THE MIZ.

Doug L. – MORRISON via glimpses into the future. Which of these two would be easier to push towards a main event on a pay-per-view? The obnoxious Clevelander or the bendy-twisty guy with the hair? Answer is simple… always take the babyface in peril.

Sean H. – THE MIZ in a great one.

Consensus: This match has been months in the making. To make matters better, these two are now champions! Perhaps team MizMo were better off as singles superstars. Well, among The Facutly members that casted a ballot, we will pick the Friday Night Delight (JOHN MORRISON) to win this match in the first ever battle of MizMo.


14-Man Tag Team Match to determine which brand is ?better?:
Team RAW: HHH, Shawn Michaels, Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry, Big Show, and Cody Rhodes
Team Smackdown: Chris Jericho, Kane, R-Truth, Finlay, Matt Hardy, Tyson Kidd, and David Hart Smith

**On a side note I did ask who would pin who. That part of the prediction will not count towards the rankings**

Joe B. – TEAM RAW (I?ll go with Show pinning Jericho).

Josh B. – TEAM RAW (HHH pins Truth).

Jose M. – TEAM SMACKDOWN wins the match. Don?t ask me why I just feel that as much as Team Smackdown has been put down and changed about that they are really going to give them the edge here. Plus Chris Jericho has been made to look bad this entire week getting punked out by Team Raw, losing to Christian, and then losing the tag team match to Batista and Rey Misterio. I think Chris Jericho will pin either Shawn or HHH after the Big Show turns on Team Raw.

David S. – TEAM RAW.

Anthony V. – I think this is going to be a dud, but I have been wrong before. It’s funny how MVP is on the promotional poster yet he is NOT in this match. Since I have two Smackdown results already done, I have to pull the trigger and pick TEAM RAW for this one. Why you ask? Just look at the rosters? Enough Said. Oh, by the way?Why isn?t Dolph Ziggler still in this? That frustrates me.

Josh P. – This one just screams Team Raw because of DX. We’ve seen matches before where DX was the last ones left and ended up winning against all odds. I don’t see this as being any different. TEAM RAW. I’m thinking Shawn Michaels will pin Chris Jericho due to the whole match not happening on Raw.

Mike S. – TEAM RAW wins this cluster. match. I think Show pins Jericho.

Matt O. – TEAM RAW.

Chris K. – TEAM RAW.

Phil C. – TEAM RAW (HHH pins Jericho).

Doug L. – TEAM RAW via logic of the faculty combined with cluster. mentality. I think this statement would be right… this is the largest tag-team match in WW(F)E history, though I’m sure I’m missing a 20-man cluster. somewhere in the mid/late 80’s. Everyone is pushing SD’s team because of their young talent that needs to be won over… doesn’t Raw have the same thing? Last I checked, Cody, Swagger, Kofi, and Henry are all looking for some sort of movement as well! Sorry Hart loyalists….

Sean H. – TEAM RAW because DX has to be cute. Everyone hits their special on Jericho and Trips pins him.

Consensus: Wow, I am very surprised of our outcome here. The majority picked TEAM RAW here, but the margin is wider than what many readers probably thought. So, Team Raw is predicted to win this match in a near unanimous decision.

TEAM RAW 11; Team Smackdown 1.

Championship Matches

**For the World Heavyweight Championship**
**Fatal 4-Way**
The Undertaker (c) vs. CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Batista


Josh B. – CM PUNK.

Jose M. – CM PUNK simply cause if we learned anything from watching Smackdown its that the fix is in.


Anthony V. – Look, it’s not going to be Rey and Batista. I think the bromance will reach a boiling point, maybe on a Smackdown taping. I also learned that when Undertaker dyes his hair, the results are grim. So with that, I think Vince (do I smell a Pittsburgh screwjob?) comes out and ruins this PPV and gives CM PUNK his title back. I will not be surprised though if Taker defends.

Josh P. – I’m thinking CM Punk will walk out the 4 time world champion here. I think Batista and Rey will be one of the ones to take the pinfall while the Undertaker is on the outside or something. CM PUNK.

Mike S. – TAKER retains.

Matt O. – TAKER.


Phil C. – PUNKER!

Doug L. – CM PUNK via cluster. logic squared. With all the bromance we’ve been seeing between Rey and Batista, you know damn well it will implode soon. Imagine the scenario… Batista takes ‘Taker out… Rey attempts to take out Punk but misses and unloads on Bats…. confuddled; Rey takes a massive nappy-bye from Punk’s GTS… I’m normally never that in-depth on something I have little faith in but hey, sue me.

Sean H. – I pray every night that it won’t be Batista. Taker doesn’t need the belt, Rey won’t win, Punk is gold. I’m picking PUNK just to see my friend storm the ring after, to celebrate.

Consensus: The Faculty predicts no love for Batista and Rey Mysterio. Some of us are even predicting some turmoil between those two. Though some predict that The Undertaker will defend his title in this four-way battle, the majority of us predict that there will be a NEW World Heavyweight Champion. His name will be C?M?PUNK!

CM PUNK 7; The Undertaker 5; Batista 0; Rey Mysterio 0.

**For the WWE World Championship**
**60-Minute Anything Goes Iron Man Match**
**If John Cena loses, he is gone from RAW**
Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena

Joe B. – ORTON.

Josh B. – ORTON.

Jose M. – CENA wins. I don?t think he is going to go to Smackdown and job to HHH on the way out however it should be stated that sometimes these writers get a little crazy and treat the brands like its a territory and job guys out that they know are leaving the show. I would like to think that Vince McMahon wouldn?t allow that since regardless of brand Cena is his big attraction but I could be wrong. Either way I expect Ted DiBiase to somehow figure into the finish and inadvertently screw Orton out of the title.


Anthony V. – This one to me is the toughest one surprisingly enough. Seriously, with all the ‘sad promo? Cena storylines going on, I smell something fishy. Does this lead to Cena losing and going to either Smackdown or ECW? Wow??.that is tough. Was his match with HHH his last on Raw? Will Ted DiBiase help a fellow ?movie marine? out and help Cena with at least one victory? Look, I know Ted Jr. is going to make his presence felt and that will be the X Factor. I know the networks will be paying some green for Smackdown (in which I think is the best show right now) and Cena will make a difference, but not huge. I can?t believe I am saying this, but by a count of 3-2?winner and NEW Champion JOHN CENA!!! Pittsburgh may rejoice!! This will conclude what possibly will be my worst predictions single PPV record ever!

Josh P. – I’m really thinking Orton here. I think they are prepping Smackdown for Cena and their possible new TV Deal. From a business standpoint it makes the most sense.. then we’ll see Cena get traded back after Wrestlemania. RANDY ORTON.

Mike S. – ORTON wins.

Matt O. – ORTON.


Phil C. – ORTON?but Cena will find a way back on Raw within 2 months.

Doug L. – ORTON via corporate marketing. Its been well-known on our programs that MyNetwork will be going under soon and Smackdown needs to find a new home. Triple H made the move in order to sell it to MyNetwork… Cena will make the move in order to sell it to potential buyers (Look for a ‘Reality’ on my suggestions of prospects… it will shock and disturb). In the meantime… Orton retains, Cena packs up to the kids’ show, and now the next time I attend a Raw taping I can anticipate the chocolate milk sold at concession stands will be replaced by Guinness.

Sean H. – This will either be fantastic, or a borefest. I’m leaning towards B so I can be pleasantly surprised. I’m picking ORTON.

Consensus: Well, Professors Marrero and Valvo are predicting a new champion in the Steel City. However, the majority predicts that RANDY ORTON will be able to escape this Iron Man Match. As for John Cena, he goes down to Smackdown (or ECW). Mr. V Note: If the Pittsburgh crowd goes ?nananana?nananana?he-eee-ey, goo-oood bye? after Cena loses, they are all going to Eternal Detention for sounding too clich?.

RANDY ORTON 10; John Cena 2.

Well, this wraps up yet another exciting edition of Predictions From The Faculty. We hope that you enjoyed this weekend’s edition. And as always if you want to make your own predictions and be a part of the ?WrestleView Students?, please e-mail me at The winner not only receives an e-mail acknowledgement, but will receive a ?Gold Star? in Mr. V’s 39th installment of ?From The Desk of Mr. V?. Thanks in advance for your predictions.

Until the next TNA or WWE PPV, we are taking a well-deserved vacation. Have a good week, fellow students of WrestleView. You are all??DISMISSED!!!!

As always, the columnists appreciate your continued support in the predictions. We will see you all in a couple weeks.

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