Earnings breakdown for WWE Studios films in 2013

The following was passed along to Wrestleview.com.

Per The Numbers, The Call sold 468,917 DVD copies from 6/30 to 8/4 for a gross of $8,513,782. It has also sold 133,371 Blu-ray copies for $3,142,841.

From 7/14 to 8/4, Dead Man Down sold 188,501 DVD copies for a gross of $3,418,711. It sold 94,805 Blu-ray copies for $1,824,178.

12 Rounds 2 has made $1,504,252 since its release in June on DVD and Blu-ray. Total breakdown was $919,421 for DVDs and $584,831 for Blu-ray.

The Marine 3 has made $3,301,185 since March. Breakdown is $2,570,365 for DVDs and $730,820 for Blu-ray.