has a new article up about WWE and indy wrestling. The article features comments from former NXT performer Chris Hero (Kassius Ohno) about WWE’s mentality on indy wrestling. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

On whether WWE prefers homegrown talent to hiring wrestlers with indie buzz:

“I don’t think they give a sh*t about buzz. They only care about their own buzz, which makes sense. You can’t solely cater to the niche fan base — it’s a tricky demographic to deal with. But you can see somebody get over with those fans and think maybe they can do it in WWE, too. And they see someone who has the passion to chase the dream, traveling around the world. If you have passion, if you’re a good performer, those are two of the most important things in wrestling, and they’re things you can’t manufacture. Some people are naturals. Take Big E Langston; he has such a perfect match of athleticism and charisma, and he looks like an action figure.”

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