Jerry Lawler talks health scare, interview with Mark Henry

Jerry Lawler talks about his health scare in Baltimore

WREG in Memphis is featuring an interview with WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler talking about the health scare he had this past Monday prior to the RAW taping in Baltimore.

To check out the full interview with Lawler, click here.

New interview with Mark Henry

Brian Soscia passed this along.

WWE’s Mark Henry came by to visit Brian Soscia the day after Brock Lesnar “snapped” his arm on Old School RAW and just ahead of the Smackdown tapings in Philadelphia. As always, Soscia got the WWE Superstar to speak freely and open up about his life in and out of the squared circle! To watch the interview:

The things they discuss:

-His WWE debut in Philly against Jerry Lawler.
-How he prepared for wrestling after the Olympics.
-His emotions going into his first match and his nerves.
-What advice would Mark Henry today give Mark Henry before his debut match?
-His love of basketball and his ability to slam-dunk a ball
-His injuries, including the time when the rope broke in developmental. How did it happen? How did he avoid being injured even worse than he was?
-Was it mentally hard for him to hit the ropes again after his injury?
-His thoughts on Mae Young.
-Who he thinks has the most strength out of all the WWE Superstars.
-The world record he holds and the unofficial record he holds.
-His relationship with the fans.
-The John Cena “retirement” promo and his thought process behind it.
-How did he bring himself to tears?
-Celebrities and former WWE Superstars that called him after he double crossed Cena.
-What did Stone Cold Steve Austin say about it?
-Who he leaded from coming up in the industry.
-Driving with former WWE Superstar M.V.P. and getting stuck. Mark tells Soscia the story of how he lifted the car so they could get out of the mud.
-More road stores as Mark tells us about the time he was stranded w/ a flat tire and starving w/ Tony Atlas b/c Tony would not stop for food. Find out how Mark Henry FINALLY got some food!
-A Tony Atlas/Mark Henry reality show as they travel the country?!

PLUS much more!! Watch the entire interview here:

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