3/15 WWE Results: Austin, Texas

Calvy Schoen sent in this live report.

1st match: Triple threat tag team match for WWE Tag Team Championship – The Usos vs The Real Americans vs Cody Rhodes/Goldust. Winner-Usos

Titus O’Neil came out and ripped the University of Texas which led to.

2nd match: Titus O’Neil vs Darren Young. Winner-Darren Young via roll up. Brad Maddox came out and made O’Neil vs Kofi Kingston in which kofi won until Bad News Barrett came out and attacked them leading to the 3rd match.

3rd match: Kofi/Young vs Barrett/O’Neil. Winners-Kofi Kingston & Darren Young

4th match: Alberto Del Rio vs Sheamus. Winner-Sheamus

Fans voted for Natalya, Eva Marie, Alicia Fox and Layla to compete either in a dance off or a tag team match. The tag team match got the most votes.

5th match: Natalya and Eva Marie vs Alicia Fox and Layla. Winners via sharpshooter-Natalya and Eva Marie

Damien Sandow ripped on how Mark Henry was from Texas and how he hates it here.

6th match: Damien Sandow vs Austin’s own Mark Henry. Winner via world’s strongest slam-Mark Henry

Main event was contested inside a steel cage for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton vs John Cena. Orton got the win via low blow due to the ref being knocked out which led to an RKO and pinfall.