Jim Ross has a new blog up on his official website addressing his contractual status with WWE and comments on requesting time off from this week’s Smackdown tapings in Kentucky.

“Many folks have gone into business for themselves regarding me taking a rare, off day from the Smackdown TV taping this week in Lexington, Kentucky. I guess because I had not requested a personal day off in my 16 years in WWE and never before in my career with WCW or any one else that this became a bigger deal than it should have on a slow, “news day.” I wanted to properly celebrate my wife and my 16th Wedding Anniversary…plan and simple. Any one who is reporting any thing other than this is exposing themselves as being affiliated with a lame website and are inept, gossip mongers.

So, regarding my professional status, any thing else you read other than what I have said here is manure. I don’t break commitments and I am smart enough to not violate the terms of my contract with whomever I’m employed. My WWE contract expires in December, I don’t even know the exact date, and I expect to sign a multi year deal with WWE when schedules permit for us to sit down and to hammer out a deal that is a win/win. If we don’t hammer out a deal, I have no issues taking the holidays off, focusing on Family, BBQ and Football and then reassessing other career moves. The only thing that I can say is that “retirement” is NOT an option as there is still plenty of fuel left in my tank and that I can assure one and all.”

On a side note, we reported on Monday that Ross had requested time off for a family function (turning out to be his anniversary). However, we never reported this as Ross being done with WWE or even leaving the company anytime soon. As Ross stated above and we reported earlier, his deal with WWE is expiring later this year and that is all that is known at this time.

Ross also comments on the passing of Captain Lou Albano at this link.

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