Wrestleview reader Andy Ritter sent this in.

* After the Cena/Harper match Cena cut a promo building up for an Undertaker entrance and the two cleared the ring of the Wyatt’s except for Bray who ran from the two and Cena let taker have the ring.

* Place was pretty packed on TV side the other side was virtually empty.

* When Sheamus came out the place erupted same for Ziggler, the Bellas, Cena, Taker and the Shield.

* During Main Event you can see Cameron miss a spot off Fox’s back and stumble into Layla(who really didn’t receive a reaction from the crowd)

* A Shield chant started as the trio was heading to the back after there brutal beating.

* Awesome show, great build up to Mania.

* Raw will be in Houston again on July 28th.