WWE sends out survey on possible Network reality shows

WWE sent out a survey yesterday to select fans on their mailing list, gauging interest on potential reality shows for the WWE Network. The potential reality shows on the survey are as follows:

* Blackman’s Bounties – following former WWE star Steve Blackman and his bounty-hunting team in Pennsylvania.

* NXT: Behind the Scenes – inside look at the NXT roster and their personal lives. 

* Pros vs. Joes – same format as the old SpikeTV show with WWE stars against “average” people in physical and non-physical challenges. 

* WWE Around the World – WWE stars taking part in some of the scariest & strangest attractions in the world. 

* WWE Dirty Jobs – same format as the Discovery Channel show with the same name. 

* WWE Prankdown – WWE stars pulling tricks on unsuspecting “superfans.”

* WWE Rescue – WWE stars come to the homes of “superfans” to help them with their personal or business problems.

* WWE Ultimate Challenge – WWE version of the CBS show “Amazing Race.”

* Xtreme WWE Collector – WWE version of the Travel Channel show “Toy Hunter.” Stars “superfan” Michael Patterson, who searches for rare WWE memborabilia. 

Source: PWInsider.com

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