Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart made an appearance on “The Opie & Anthony Show” on SiriusXM on Monday (3/24). Here are some highlights from the interview.

* Hogan and Hart joined the studio as Opie and Anthony discussed the first ever Wrestlemania and the celebrities that were part of it. Hogan mentioned Liberace being part of the show and Jim Norton joked that he was only there to “smell the seats.” Hogan and the hosts got a nice laugh out of that.

* When asked what it was like to be back with WWE, Hogan noted that he had been working for another wrestling promotion for the last four years and added (laughing) “no one saw me.” Hogan said being back now for Wrestlemania 30 is great and now the “immortal” tag line in his nickname is actually happening with the introduction of the WWE Network.

* Hogan talked about his relationship with Vince McMahon and how “business is business.” He said Vince has those two sides and he made the mistake of taking things too personally. “Now that I look back I realize this guy has this thing down. You don’t compromise your business for anybody. He’s a great guy. I didn’t really understand business from personal.”

* He talked about seeing Sylvester Stallone at a recent Comic Con event. Anthony asked if he ever saw Richard Belzer since the incident on television. Hogan said he’s never seen him after the settlement.

* Hogan was asked about the woman who stole a shoe from his Hogan’s Beach shop in Clearwater, Florida. He said she told police that she was “blatantly drunk.”

* Jim Norton asked about the story of him wanting to try out for Metallica. Hogan danced around the question a bit saying he also had interest in playing bass for The Rolling Stones. Norton joked that it probably wasn’t the best idea to ask to play bass on big bands like that 10 years removed from playing on a regular basis. Hogan said playing bass for Rolling Stones songs wouldn’t be very hard.

* He said Brooke and Nick are doing well. When asked about Gawker, he said things are moving forward. Opie, Anthony and Jim all joked about being impressed with the tape.

* Hogan was asked if he will do anything physical at Wrestlemania 30. He joked at this point they should just be running into his fist. Hogan talked about being impressed with the young guys in WWE today including The Wyatt Family.

* He confirmed he will be at RAW the night after Wrestlemania 30 and has plans to stick around for some time with the company.

Recap courtesy of Wrestleview’s own Adam Martin