WWE NXT results 3/20/14

March 20, 2014
Full Sail University
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, William Regal
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

We see the usual intro, then we go to the opening match.

Mojo Rawley vs. Bull Dempsey

We see New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski in the crowd as Mojo makes his entrance. Crowd chants for Mojo as the bell sounds. Bull with a gut kick, a series of back clubs and a headbutt. Mojo fights back, but Bull with a series of back elbows. Bull with a running shoulder in the corner, followed by a right hand. Elbow drop and a knee drop by Bull for a 1 count. Series of chest clubs by Bull, then locks in a chinlock. Mojo fights back, but Bull with more back clubs. Bull pulls at Mojo’s face before going back to the chinlock. Mojo counters out with a back suplex. Moj fires up and backs Bull into the corner. 2 avalanches, followed by a Butt-Butt.

Mojo goes into Hyper-Drive and gets the win.

Winner: Mojo Rawley by pinfall (Hyper-Drive)

Mojo celebrates his win afterward, then goes into the crowd and celebrates with Gronkowski.

Backstage, Devin Taylor interviews CJ Parker about his loss to Mojo Rawley 3 weeks ago at NXT Arrival. Parker says he is shocked and sickened, but he is not talking about Mojo’ in-ring ability, he is talking about Mojo’s lifestyle choice. Mojo says it all the time, he doesn’t get hyped, he stays hyped and he’s right, Mojo does stay hyped on genetically modified, highly processed, empty calorie, fast foods. Mojo is the kinda guy that swings through a drive-thru, buys 10 double cheeseburgers, burps and throws the wrappers out the window. In one week, I am going to humainly dispose of Mojo Rawley. Parker has a garbage can and dumps a cheeseburger wrapper into the can.


Back from commercial, we are supposed to get Tyler Breeze vs. Sami Zayn, but as Zayn makes his entrance, Corey Graves attacks Zayn from behind and sends him head-first into the ringpost. Graves stands tall over Zayn, showing off his “stay down” knuckle tattoos as Zayn appeared to be out on the floor. Medics come out and look at Zayn’s pupils as it seems like the lights are on, but no one is home. Refs and medics help Zayn to the back.

Backstage, Devin Taylor interviews Sheamus. Sheamus says it feels great to be back in NXT, where I started my journey in WWE a few years ago. Aiden English walks in and interrupts. English says he & Sheamus haven’t been properly introduced, my name is Aiden English, the man who is single-handedly using this company as a stepping-stone to the brighter lights of Broadway. Sheamus says its funny English is referencing stones because it sounds like English’s stones haven’t dropped yet. But, I will speak to my old friend JBL so that tonight, that problem is finally put to bed. See you out there, kid.


Renee Young joins commentary for our next match.

Adam Rose vs. Camacho

Crowd chants for Rose before the bell. Rose prances around Camacho as the bell sounds. Camacho works over Rose’s arm early. Rose rolls out, then continues to roll around the ring to catch Camacho off guard. Rose does more prancing around Camacho. Camacho with a back club, but Rose with a back elbow in the ropes. Rose then kicks his legs in the ropes to keep Camacho back. Rose with a knee strike, then locks in a side headlock, but Camacho gets out with a back suplex. Camacho stomps away at Rose. Series of chops in the corner as the crowd chants “party pooper” at Camacho. Snapmare, followed by a series of elbows by Camacho for a nearfall. Chinlock applied as the crowd sings Rose’s theme to will him on. Camacho with a big legdrop for a nearfall. Camacho with right hands from the mount. Camacho with a clothesline in the corner, then mocks Rose’s prancing. This upsets Rose and he takes down Camacho and unloads with right hands. Rose peppers Camacho with a series of jabs, followed by a big right hand. Running elbow in the corner, followed by a back kick. Rose with a Bronco Buster, followed by a spinebuster.

Rose fires up, does a choo-choo motion, then hits Camacho with the Lariat for the win.

Winner: Adam Rose by pinfall (Lariat)

Rose celebrates his win with more prancing, then joins his party-goers on the rampway as they all head to the back.


“The Boss” Sasha Banks w/Charlotte & Summer Rae on a Stick vs. “Its” Bayley w/”The Queen of Harts” Natalya

Crowd chants for Bayley as the bell sounds. Sasha backs Bayley into the corner. Bayley avoids a right hand, but Sasha quickly ducks into the ropes. Bayley with a snapmare and a shoulder tackle. Sasha with a knee to the ribs, then talks trash, but Bayley locks her in a full nelson. Sasha gets to the ropes, but Bayley drops her down to the mat. Bayley then puts on Sasha’s glasses and mocks her. Sasha is very upset by this. Bayley with a drop toe hold, then sits on Sasha and mocks her some more. Charlotte & Natalya have words on the outside. Bayley hot-shots Sasha on the turnbuckles, but Sasha avoids an avalanche and then unloads on Bayley with a series of shots to the back. Dropkick to the back, then Sasha slams Bayley’s head repeatedly into the mat. Sasha puts on Bayley’s headband and taunts the crowd. Sasha chokes Bayley in the ropes. Hair-mare for a nearfall. Sasha drops her body weight across Bayley’s back multiple times and gains another nearfall. Snapmare into a chinlock. Crowd wills on Bayley. Bayley gets free, but Sasha with right hands in the corner. Bayley fights back with forearms. Sasha holds onto the ropes to avoid a dropkick and sends Bayley to the outside. Charlotte looks to go after Bayley on the outside, but Natalya stops her. Bayley gets back in, but Charlotte nails Natalya from behind.

Sasha with an O’Connor Roll, but Bayley reverses it and gets the win.

Winner: “Its” Bayley by pinfall

Bayley & Natalya celebrate Bayley’s win while the BFFs are fuming mad in the ring.


Next week on NXT “Vengeance”, its Natalya vs. Charlotte, Mojo Rawley vs. CJ Parker, Tyler Breeze vs. Xavier Woods and Adrian Neville vs. Bo Dallas in a rematch for the NXT Title.

Aiden English comes out for our main event and asks for his spotlight. English sings in that lonely center ring, you’ve heard the artiste sing. Finally, a man that NXT who can finally be the greatest performer in W…..W……EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Main Event: “The Artiste” Aiden English vs. “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus

Before the bell sounds, English says that it seems like a few of the people know Sheamus. But, this is the theatre the artiste built and I am gonna use this company to make my way to the brighter lights of Broadway. Sheamus asks the crowd if they believe English can make it to Broadway? Crowd gives a “NO” chant. Sheamus says he knows English likes to sing a lot because you destroy everyone’s eardrums week in and week out on NXT, but where I come from, we celebrate with song. So, I was wondering if I could share an old Irish song with everyone here in NXT. Sheamus begins singing as the crowd claps along. English cuts him off and begins to say that this is his show, but Sheamus grabs the mic back to begin singing again. Sheamus begins singing again, but English nails him from behind, sending Sheamus to the outside.

Sheamus yells for the bell to ring and gives chase to English. English unloads with right hands, stomps and clubs to Sheamus in the corner. Sheamus fights back with a series of right hands and gut shots in the corner. English tries to run away, but Sheamus grabs him on the aprons and hits the Beats of Bodhiran. Sheamus brings English back in and sets for the Brogue Kick, but English goes out to the outside.


Back from commercial as English with a back elbow to Sheamus. English with right hands and stomps in the corner. Kneelift, followed by an elbow to the top of the head. Sheamus fights back with a kneelift of his own. English sidesteps a backdrop, but Sheamus throws him to the outside. Sheamus goes out after English and sends him into the barricade. Sheamus high-fives some fans, then sends English again into the barricade. Sheamus throws English back in, but English rolls out to the other side. Sheamus goes to send English back in, but English sends him off the ringpost, then pulls his legs out, sending Sheamus head-first off the steel steps. English with a clothesline on the outside. Back in, English gains a nearfall. English stomps away, then hits a knee drop for a nearfall. Chinlock applied as the crowd wills on Sheamus. Sheamus fights back, but English with a knee to the ribs and an elbow to the back of the head. English chokes Sheamus in the ropes. Sheamus fights back with gut shots, but English with a kitchen sink for a 1 count. Sheamus fights back with a gut kick, then maneuvers himself to the top rope, but English slams him down with a neckbreaker variation for a nearfall. English goes back to the chinlock as the crowd again wills on Sheamus. Sheamus fights out, but English jumps on Sheamus’s back and applies a Sleeper. English takes Sheamus down as the crowd again wills Sheamus on. Sheamus gets free, but runs into a back elbow. Sheamus comes back with 2 Irish Hammers. Running shoulder in the corner, followed by a running kneelift. Sheamus misses a clothesline, but hits a powerslam.

Sheamus fires up and hits the Brogue Kick for the win.

Winner: “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus by pinfall (Brogue Kick)

Sheamus celebrates his win as we close the show.