Lita talks how WWE Hall of Fame induction came about

Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald is featuring an interview with Class of 2014 WWE Hall of Fame inductee Amy “Lita” Dumas discussing how her induction came about this year.

“[WWE Chief Brand Officer] Stephanie McMahon was texting with me. She was feeling me out telling me the office has been trying to get in touch with me. She asked if I could call the office. She was doing the whole talking to me as a friend, but being a little vague. She said, ‘The office just has something they would like to talk to you about. I believe that it’s regarding WrestleMania. So maybe it’s the weekend surrounding it? I’m not really sure, so just give them a call.’ I was like, ‘All right weirdo. Sure.’ Then I called, and they asked me if I would accept the honor of being in their Hall of Fame.”

To check out the full interview with Dumas, click here.

Source: The Miami Herald