IGN talks with Seth Rollins about The Shield

Eric Goldman of IGN.com is featuring an interview with WWE star Seth Rollins talking about the rise of The Shield in WWE and the group becoming babyfaces on television.

“We’re just doing what we do. I don’t think we’ve necessarily changed that much about us. We’re still black-clad, we’re still out there kicking ass, taking names. For whatever reason, the crowd seems to be on our side at this point. It feels good. It’s nice. The energy levels definitely haven’t gone down at all. If anything, they’ve risen up. It’s a different kind of energy. It’s awesome. I think people have always appreciated what we do, but I feel like for whatever reason now, they just feel like it’s okay to cheer us. So that’s cool. I dig that.”

IGN: WWE’s Seth Rollins: “There’s a Lot of Life Left in The Shield”

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