Chris Jericho talks being fined, getting suspended by WWE

Chris Jericho made an appearance on “The Opie & Anthony Show” this morning (5/12) on SiriusXM satellite radio. Here are some highlights from his appearance promoting Fozzy.

* Jericho talked about always having everything in his career related to wrestling. He said that was fine, but didn’t like when people complained to him on Twitter about booking people like William Shatner on his podcast and why they would rather have some indy wrestling guy no one has ever heard of on the podcast instead.

* As stated in recent interviews, he’s been away from WWE for almost a full year now and has a lot going on at the moment. He isn’t opposed to making a return, but has no plans of doing so anytime soon and has lots going on with Fozzy.

* He told a story about being fined by WWE along with Batista as a result of Batista blading during a match. Jericho said he was brought into a room with Vince McMahon, Dean Malenko and other WWE agents/producers to review the footage clearly showing that Batista had bladed. He mentioned they had a camera in the arena that he wasn’t even aware of showing the incident. Jericho said that Batista was fined $100,000 and he was only fined $5,000. He said that Batista took full responsibility and covered the fines for everyone involved.

* They talked about when he was suspended for “desecrating” the Brazilian flag and how he notified Vince McMahon about it via text. Jericho said that McMahon was very angry at him, told him he was suspended and was sent home immediately. He added that McMahon was more upset because they were trying to break into the Brazil area for future events and was afraid they had ruined it by Jericho’s actions. The hosts played footage of JBL “goose stepping” in Germany back in 2004 and how he lost his spot on Fox News as a result.

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