SPOILERS: Second report from 5/19 RAW taping in London

Wrestleview International Desk host Darragh O’Connor passed along this live report.

Raw Spoilers
London, England

As witnessed by Gary Hernon (@Garwvidesk) in attendance.

Big Show def Titus O’Neal via chokeslam
Swaggs def Cody via ankle lock (solid match)

Wyatt promo: Harper to face Cena later. Cena jumps bray hits AA.

Recap of Steph and D Bryan storyline.

Cesaro def Sheamus. Non-title via German suplex following distraction from Heyman. Cesaro refused to shake Sheamus’ hand. Stiff as hell.

Beat The Clock Challenges: Winner to face Barrett at Payback.

Big E def Ryback @ 5.02 mins via Big Ending.

Fandango and Layla vs R-Truth and Naomi didn’t start cos a returning Summer Rae attacked Layla and also kissed Fandango.

Note: Steph will not strip D Bryan of title. But there will be an announcement next week.


Rusev def Heath Slater.

RVD def del Rio in a beat the clock @ 4.15 mins.

Rollins def bats via DQ interference from Triple H.


Shield vs Wyatt’s Dark Match Main Event.

Shield runs off Wyatt and harper. Hit triple power bomb. Barret out and hit the bull hammer on Rowan. Cena endorses Barrett. Barrett thanks the crowd. Endorses Paige and Adrian Neville. Stephanie interrupts says raw is over. Barrett carries on and says Steph can kiss his ass and says we better leave cos the building will charge Vince and Vince doesn’t like to lose money!!! H out. Says show is over. To get out. Big cm punk chant. Adam rose out. Crowd says h is a lemon. H gets in to throw em out. Barrett hits h with a bull hammer. Party time rose’s music hits. End of show.