Chuck Carroll sent this in.

Hey! I wanted to pass along an interview I did with Cesaro for 106.7 The Fan in Washington, D.C.

I asked him about Daniel Bryan and he said he didn’t feel sorry for him at all.

“One person’s bad luck is another person’s opportunity…. Daniel Bryan has always been a fierce competitor of mine. With him not in the picture, it makes it maybe a little bit easier for me to get those titles. And I’m all in favor of that.”

“I work hard as well and nobody feels sorry for me and I don’t want anybody to feel sorry for me. Bad things happen. Did it happen at a bad time? Yes, it did. But if you look back at other people, they have bad injuries. I know that Daniel Bryan will recover from it and I more than gladly will give him a shot at my title.”

I also asked him about working with Paul Heyman and whether fans took the Real Americans gimmick too seriously away from the ring.

But the best part of the interview was his sales pitch for the WWE Network. The guy is “all in” for that in a big way.

The interview is up here: