A number of mainstream international sites, including the Washington Post, New York Daily News, UK’s the Daily Mail and the Independent and News.com.au in Australia have posted articles earlier today reacting negatively to the promo that Lana cut at last night’s WWE Battleground PPV in Tampa before Rusev’s match with Jack Swagger. During the promo, Lana referenced the recent tragedy involving Russia being accused of shooting down a Malaysian Airlines plane in Ukraine by saying “You blame Russia for the recent current events.” There has been no reaction as of this writing by WWE over these articles. 

You can read the articles by these mainstream international sites about Lana’s promo below.

The Washington Post: WWE alludes to Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 during ‘Battleground’ and it did not go over so well

New York Daily News: WWE Battleground performance uses Malaysia Airlines tragedy in Ukraine to ramp up drama

News.com.au: WWE stars Rusev and Lana criticised for referencing MH17 during televised show

The Daily Mail: Blonde WWE star slammed for using MH17 tragedy as tasteless storyline in grudge match between Russian and American wrestlers

The Independent: WWE accused of ‘exploiting’ MH17 crash at Battleground pay-per-view