Chuck Carroll sent this in.

Just wanted to pass along an interview I did with Adam Rose for CBS. It was an interesting piece and he was pretty forthcoming.

He credits Triple H with giving him the best advice he’s ever received in the business and hinted that his character will be featured in WWE 2K15 and that he’ll be involved at SummerSlam.

I asked him whether he thought there was room for “fun” characters such as his in the title picture when the top guys are often a little more straight-laced.

His answer: “I think that either way this could happen down the line. I don’t like the fact we box ourselves in all the time. Everyone is always boxing themselves in to their boxes and saying ‘Oh, this is how things are traditionally done.’ And yeah, there’s a box for that and a box for this. Everything is a mold and molds are made to be broken. I think it’s just a matter of having a little open-minded thinking as to what the future holds as to where Adam Rose actually fits.”

We talked about a bunch of other stuff including:

– Whether he actually travels in the Exotic Express

– His feeling when he learned he was being called up to the main roster

– How he’d like to evolve his character

– Differences between wrestling in NXT and WWE

– South African rivalry with Justin Gabriel

– Sting wrestling in WWE

The full interview can be heard on on the CBS Dallas website: