Dave Bautista (Batista) has been doing tons of media to promote the release of “Guardians of the Galaxy” and has discussed CM Punk in interviews with both RedEye and Digital Spy.

If he thinks CM Punk will return to WWE:

“I know for a fact that he loves professional wrestling. I couldn’t see him taking a step down and wrestling for a lesser organization. Unless he spent some time in Japan, I just don’t see it. I think eventually he’ll come back. I think he belongs there. I think the fans really love him and miss him. I think he loves it and misses it just as much. I’m really not sure why he left. He’ll be back, I would think that he would be back. I think it would be kind of crazy if he didn’t go back.”

On his relationship with CM Punk:

“We’ve had good conversations, I’ve been to his place and there’s never been any bad blood between us. I got a text from Ric [Flair] saying, ‘Don’t worry about it, man,’ so I started to think, ‘Wow! Maybe he did leave because of me.’ So I called him, and he never called me back. So I really don’t know what that was all about.”

You can check out the interviews below.

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