According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk was said to have upset WWE officials during the company’s recent overseas tour for not “dressing” as a world champion.

While the official wording isn’t exactly known, one source stated that The Undertaker had a discussion with Punk where he attempted to explain nicely that since Punk was a world champion that he represents the company and needed to dress like a champion. Were told Punk wasn’t happy with this criticism and immediately pointed out that John Cena didn’t “dress like a champion” either.

When those in WWE found out about this they spoke with Punk at yesterday’s Hell in a Cell PPV with the mentality that Punk, in pointing the finger at Cena, felt he was on the same level or as big of a star as Cena. There was said to have been two groups of opinions at the PPV regarding the situation in that one group was almost “giddy” at the idea that Punk was going to be beat cleanly and almost be punished to a degree by losing to Undertaker, while another group felt it didn’t make sense to put the title on Undertaker in the first place since he wouldn’t be going on the road full time and that the only logicial reason behind putting the title on Undertaker was just because Punk didn’t wear a nice tie. While nothing is official and plans are always subject to change, the new idea is to go forward with a program between Undertaker and Batista and that Punk may have been written out of the World Title scene at least for right now. More should be made clear at the TV tapings tomorrow.

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