WWE Network post-surgery update on Roman Reigns recap

At 2:31 PM ET on the WWE Network, WWE cut in to give a “Breaking News” update on the condition of Roman Reigns, who underwent emergency surgery today to repair an incarcerated hernia. Here is a recap of the update:

* Scott Stanford hosted the update from WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.

* Stanford said that Reigns’ surgery was successful and he will remain overnight in a Nashville hospital. He is off tomorrow night’s Night of Champions PPV.

* WWE Dr. Christopher Amann called in and said that fortunately everything is fine with Reigns and he is resting comfortably. 

* When asked about how the hernia came about, Amann said that it had nothing to do with something that took place in the ring, but that Reigns had been dealing with it recently. Reigns woke up today with bad abdominal pain that got increasely worse. Reigns notified the WWE medicial staff of what was going on and was told to go to the hospital. Once there, Reigns was diagonsed with the incarcerated hernia, which means that a loop of intestine had wrapped around his abdominal wall. If diagnosed with an incarcerated hernia, immediate emergency surgery is required.

* When asked about when Reigns can get back into the ring, Amann said it will be four to six weeks, but it could possibly be as long as three months. Even with Reigns’ physical fitness, it won’t help to speed up his recovery time. The big issue is letting the muscles and tissue heal before Reigns can be able to do anything of a physical nature. Amann finally said that WWE will not clear Reigns to compete until he is fully healed. 

That ended the update on the Network.