Sami Zayn on WWE 2K15 video game, recent RAW match

Brian Fritz passed this along.

NXT superstar Sami Zayn talks with Brian Fritz about the upcoming WWE 2K15 video game which he will be in as part of the new “My Career” mode, the attention to detail on the game, how he found out that he was in the game, working out at the WWE Performance Center, his recent four-way match at NXT TakeOver 2, the latest additions there including Hideo Itami (KENTA), Finn Balor (Prince Devitt) and Kevin Steen, his first match on Raw and more including pop-ins from Triple H and Bill DeMott. 

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

On being in the upcoming WWE 2K15 game:

“I don’t remember hearing it initially. I was just at Full Sail one time for NXT and 2K was there and kind of just put me in a room and it was sort of you might be in the game, you might not, we’re not sure exactly. But the next thing I know, we flew to California, (Adrian) Neville and I, to do that motion-capture for certain moves that we do. So we put on the whole velcro suit and it was pretty cool, pretty surreal honestly.”

On his recent match on Raw, his first on the show:

“It was cool. Being on the road, for me, it just feels natural. I’m more used to that than being here honestly. This was an adjustment, coming to the performance center and not being on the road was the adjustment for me because I came from a wrestling background and was used to being quite busy. Now we’re getting back on the road, a few of us, (Adrian) Neville, myself and Tyler Breeze, The Ascension got a couple of opportunities. We’ve been on the road recently and it really just feels like home, honestly. Doing those three hour, four hour car rides … that’s cake and that feels right.”