Eric Bischoff talks WWE’s narrative about WCW, Hall/Nash

Brett Buchanan of Alternative Nation is featuring an interview with Eric Bischoff discussing a number of topics including the new “Monday Night War” series on the WWE Network, WWE’s narrative about how that war went and signing both Scott Hall and Kevin Nash to deals.

“There are certain things that are based in fact, that no matter how hard WWE can, and try to change some of those facts, because they do have the platform re-educate those who either weren’t around paying close attention, or don’t see the other side of the true story to make up their own opinions, or own minds. But here are a couple of facts that kind of shape that false narrative to the foundation. Number 1: Hall and Nash weren’t forced to leave their beloved WWE for anything, they chose to.

They chose to leave WWE and come to WCW, not for the money, because the truth and the facts are that I probably didn’t offer them any more money than they were already making. I couldn’t really speak to this, because I wasn’t doing their taxes at the time, but I’m pretty sure that they were probably making more money. But the real reason I remember, having firsthand discussions with both of them, they didn’t leave WWE for the money. They left WWE to come to WCW for the lifestyle, because we had a maximum of 180 days in their contracts.”

You can check out the full interview at the link below.

Alternative Nation: Eric Bischoff Talks Ted Turner, WCW 2001, Nash and Hall’s Contracts & WWE Network