Batista reportedly signs on for role in new Bond movie has a new article up that reports that former WWE champion Dave Bautista has signed on for a role in the next James Bond movie entitled “Bond 24.” A few weeks ago, a casting call was leaked for the main henceman named Hinx, with producers stating they were looking for someone who is between the ages of 30 and 45, at least 6’2, very imposing, able to do stunts and had a sports background. The article reports that Bautista has signed on for that role. Filming for “Bond 24” will begin on December 6 in England, with actor Daniel Craig reprising his role of James Bond. Bautista was last seen as Drax the Destroyer in the critically-acclaimed “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie based on the Marvel comic book. EXCLUSIVE: Dave Bautista Bags Henchman Role Hinx In ‘Bond 24’