Dave Bautista on set of new movie, Dusty Rhodes interview

Photos of Dave Bautista on the set of his new film

AL.com is featuring photos of Dave Bautista (Batista) on the set of the new film “Bus 657” starring Robert De Niro. The movie is currently filming in Mobile, Alabama.

You can see photos of Dave on the set at the link below.

AL.com: ‘Bus 657’ starts shooting in downtown Mobile; former WWE champion Batista on set

Dusty Rhodes talks NXT, WWE Performance Center

The KiddChris Show passed this along.

The Dream was on The KiddChris Show on WEBN in Cincinnati. Dusty talked in depth about character development in NXT and his classes he teaches at the WWE Performance center. Dustys wife even chimed in about her dislike for the old school tag team The Fabulous Ones.

LISTEN: http://www.webn.com/onair/the-kiddchris-show-49404/dusty-rhodes-talks-nxt-and-working-12857923/