has a new article up where they interview Chris Jericho about his third autobiography, “The Best in the World: At What I Don’t Know”, and why its different than his first two autobiographies, “A Lion’s Tale & “Undisputed”: 

“Do I really need a third autobiography? At the time I was 40, 41 years old. Nixon has one autobiography, I have three? What am I going to put in this thing? Then, I realized I always had the Shawn Michaels feud, the Mysterio feud, the trips to Iraq, the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ thing. I knew there was enough there that I could at least get a good start. And then when I actually sat down and starting writing, adding the resurrection of Fozzy, hosting Golden Gods and all the minutiae of my life I did have way more than I needed to the point I was editing stuff out. It’s the story of my life from everything I’m doing. I think a lot of people who were a little resistant to that in Undisputed welcomed that in Best in the World because whether you like music or like wrestling of like Dancing with the Stars or like just adventurous tales, there plenty of them in all shapes and forms. I always try to get all my fans to understand there’s more to life and more to my life than just wrestling. If you’re a fan of mine you have to expect that and accept it but know that you’re going to like it because I wouldn’t write about it if it wasn’t entertaining.”

For the full article with Jericho, click the link below. Chris Jericho chronicles latest chapter of crazy life in ‘Best in the World’