Former UFC star claims he once was offered WWE deal has a new article up where they interview former UFC star Chael Sonnen about his career. During the interview, Sonnen brings up that he was once offered a deal with the WWE and did not tell UFC President Dana White about it.

“Here’s the nuts and bolts of it: I was offered $5 million by [WWE promoter] Vince McMahon. Now, I was still under contract with the UFC and I never took this to Dana. I handled it on my own. I told [WWE], ‘No’ and that was the end of that. I never told Dana White this story, but here’s why I didn’t tell him. I knew if I called Dana and said, ‘I’ve got a $5 million offer from Vince McMahon,’ Dana would have matched it. Dana would have come close and now all of a sudden I’m not a loyal employee. I’m not loyal to the UFC. I’m shopping them and I’m being loyal to myself. That’s business. That’s how that works and I don’t think anyone would have had hard feelings but I didn’t see myself that way.” Chael Sonnen turned down $5 million contract from WWE and never told UFC boss Dana White